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Sri Hemkunt Foundation's Gurmat Sangeet Keertan Competition 2008, Finals
Aug 2/3 2008 held in New Jersey

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* Abbreviations used:   V: Vocal, V B: Vocal backing, H: Harmonium, T: Tabla, Ts: Taus, D: Dilruba

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Junior Group (Ages 10 to 13 yrs), Raag Sarang, held at Dashmesh Darbar Gurdwara, Port Reading, NJ, Aug 2 2008
Satgur Moorath Ko Bal Jaao


V, H: Harpreet K (centre) & Pooja K (left)
T: Gurmehar Singh
D: Manjeev Singh
Surmandal: Gurleen Kaur
Intermediate Group (Ages 14 to 18 yrs), Raag Suhi, held at Gurdwara Glen Rock, NJ, Aug 3 2008
Main Har Har Naam Dhar Soee
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17.31min/16MB 735 V, H: Navdeep K (centre) & Zareena K (left)
T: Vikram Singh
D: Jaspreet Kaur
Surmandal: Ramandeep K
Mere Lal Jeeo Tera Ant Na Jana 14.17min/13MB 730 V, H: Rasna Kaur
V B: Jeevanamrit & Sahab Singh
T: Harnek Singh
Tanpura: Sahab Singh
Senior Group (Ages 19 to 25 yrs), Raag Sorath, held at Dashmesh Darbar Gurdwara, Port Reading, NJ, Aug 2 2008
Prabh Jeeo Tu Mero Sahib Data 17.29min/16MB 615 V, H: Navjot Kaur
V, D: Puneet K (left) & Amneet K (right)
T: Jaibir Singh
Tanpura: Amrita Kaur
Madhave Tum Na Toro 18min/16.4MB 658 V, H: Ragini K (centre) & Biney K (left)
T: Jaskirat Singh
D: Damanjit Singh
Violin: Raginder Singh
Keertan performed by local raagis at the event.  Raag Malhar
Barse Megh Sakhi

Har Jan Bolat Sriram Nama


V: Pargat S (front), Surjit S (left/back)
and jatha
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