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Asa Ki Var by Bhai Kultar Singh ji and jatha at Rivalda Rd Gurdwara on June 26, 2010

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The order of the Shabads here is the same as it was in the program. Some Shabads are sung in a raag other than the one specified in SGGS, but are nevertheless of high musical quality and in similar spirit.
* Abbreviations used:   V: Vocal, V B: Vocal backing, H: Harmonium, T: Tabla, Ts: Taus, D: Dilruba, R: Rabab

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Asa Ki Var - Kabir - Part  1

Asa Ki Var - Kabir - Part  2

Asa Ki Var - Kabir - Part  3

Asa Ki Var - Kabir - Part  4

Asa Ki Var - Kabir - Part  5




V,H: Bhai Kultar Singh
V.B,H: Bhai Manmohan Singh
T: Bhai Swaran Singh

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