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Sound system issues at Gurdwaras
Often the sound system at the Gurdwara where the programs are hosted is in less than desired state. Either the systems are installed incorrectly or they are grossly miscalibrated. In most cases it is not possible to 'quick fix' such systems. The recording system used by this sevadar has no connection to the Gurdwara's sound system and is not accountable for the operation of the sound system. But every effort is made to provide good sound, but as just mentioned it is usually not easy if the system is faulty. Any complaints about the poor quality of the Gurdwara's sound should therefore be directed to the respective Gurdwara management. Our Gurdwaras have traditionally ignored this vital component and many still continue to do so.
Every effort will be made by this sevadar to advise the organizers of the programs to avoid Gurdwaras with chronic sound system troubles.

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Page created: June 21, 2009
Page updated: June 23, 2009

 Ajit Singh, 2009